Thursday, January 21, 2021

we talkin hair a little!

 hiiiiiiyaaaa! first off its been a while lol


 im gonna try writing more !but i cant seem to figure out how to get into the swing of things,,, maybe i should get  catchphrase or something,,,,pochahiya!!!!(thats lame)

ANYWAY! how are u im doing good i just moved and i cant wait to decorate! i also started working again so i cant wait to get so money lol and i can finally get my nails done aaaaaAAA!

most importantly ive been thinking about my newest hair project,,,i what to go for something more every day but still like wild like these(ponytails lol)

SO!!! in order to do it think im gonna work with some clip in ponytails and tease them to this effect lol
but i need a base wig to put em on so the idea is still in progress...:P

This hair has gotta be my fave kind of hair style lol its so much and so good!!! we need more gaudy ass gyaru whos going to join me!!! *crickets*

its so sad i dont get to go out much working all day so i cant show off my gyaru style that often ;0; but im hold on till the summer when i get a new job! till then ill do my best lol

Anyway, i just wanted to write a quick update lol, im alive and well and tired lol

 I think im gonna write a blog with how i do my new wig so look out for it if ur interested~~~

bai bai pochaouttoooo!!!~~~

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Ok blog time

 woooahhh wt f first blog post???

finally a place to dump pictures of me lol also my header pic??? kind bomb imo 👀💓

but seriously hiiiiiii ty u for following if u are! as in my description ill probably ramble about what ever is on my mind thats gyaru related and generally what ever i want lol

I wouldn't really consider my self a babygal  but i am still filling out my wardrobe so join me as a fat person trying to find clothes that DONT fit like garbage bags lol

I'll post links to what ever i can find i know what its like not knowing where to start at all!

im also so gyarufying me room so looks forward to those pics one day

Any way thanks for reading gamers